Banking for the Unbanked

Half the adult population on this planet do not have a bank account. For them, everything is in cash.

Imagine carrying your life savings with you all the time, constantly having to worry about being mugged, and afraid to save for the future.

What would their lives be like if this was no longer a problem?

Mobile Money

In developing countries, everybody now has a phone, and most people can also have a free Mobile Money account.

This changed everything!

In Kenya, with M-Pesa, the Unbanked dropped from 80% down to 25% in only a few years.

Unfortunately, most people only use their account for a few bills each month.

They are just not practical for every-day transactions.

Two Problems

Why is it that someone earning $2/day cannot use Mobile Money all the time?

High Transaction Costs
Transaction costs for small amounts are extremely high, especially when a Mobile Money representative is involved.

Limited Reach
Transactions are limited to others that also have an account with that Mobile Money Provider.


ClearPurchase makes it possible for Mobile Money Providers to offer every-day transactions to anyone.

Low Transaction Costs
Our technology makes it possible for someone to make a 50¢ purchase on their phone.

Unlimited Reach
We are building a network that connects all Mobile Money Providers to each other, and also to conventional Banks, so that anyone can transact with anyone else anywhere in the world.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to making
Financial Services
available to Everyone


The goal is for every adult on the planet to have access to financial services.

We will be connecting Mobile Banks together in developing countries, to being every-day financial services to the 2 billion people on this planet that do not have a bank account. They will finally be able transact with each other safely.

We will also be connecting them to conventional banks, so that everyone can will be able to get paid by their employers safely, and buy from any Merchant anywhere.

The cost to transact with ClearPurchase is so small it makes it viable for even the poorest to transact for their daily needs.

Initial Services: Payroll, Purchases, Funds Transfers, Bill Payments, Micro-Payments.


ClearPurchase is a new type of payment system that ensures trust in every transaction.

Funds are immediately deposited into the receiver’s account, and there are no chargebacks (funds pulled back out of the account). In the future there will also be a purchase guarantee on products/service provided by the Merchant.

There are no data security problems with ClearPurchase, as no sensitive information is needed to be given to anyone to complete a transaction.

Everyone can trust everyone else on the ClearPurchase network.


ClearPurchase is a financial infrastructure platform.

Once established, other financial services can be facilitated through the ClearPurchase network.

There is already a plan to build a Micro-Lending service onto ClearPurchase, allowing anyone on the network to apply for a Micro-Loan.

How about travel tickets, and club memberships?

What else will people think of?


What impact could ClearPurchase have on the planet when it is available to everyone?

Trust Everyone: At its core, ClearPurchase is a framework of enforced integrity. This makes it possible for anyone to transact with anyone else anywhere in the world with complete confidence.

Opportunity: It is now easier for anyone to start their own business. With direct access to micro-lending, people in developing countries can get loans to start their own business.

Equality: ClearPurchase provides the ability to transact electronically and anonymously, which greatly removes the ability for people to discriminate against others.

Safety: There is no longer the need to carry cash, or use unsafe cards.

Launching in 2017.

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