Eliminate Waste
in Micro-Lending


The biggest cost for Micro-Lenders is collecting loan payments. It’s expensive hiring someone every couple of weeks to collect $5.

Wastes Money
With Clear Purchase

This can be done with a simple automatic bill payment. Both Lender and Borrower would see every payment, and know how much is left on the loan.

Saves Money


The Micro-Lenders tell us their biggest issue is Loan Officer Theft, from them as well as from borrowers.

Money Stolen
With Clear Purchase

There would be an electronic trail of the Loan as well as every repayment, so Loan Officer theft would not be possible.

Eliminates Theft


A new potential borrower is unknown to the Micro-Lender, so a Loan Officer has to talk to the borrower, his/her family, friends, and others before making a loan.

Wastes Time
With Clear Purchase

There would be available an entire history of the borrower’s income, spending habits, saving habits, and any previous loans with repayment history.

Saves Time

Clear Purchase Streamlines Micro-Lending

Clear Purchase is building a system that will streamline the Micro-Lending process. This will massively reduce the cost of making and managing Micro-Loans, and these savings can be passed on to the borrower with lower interest rates.

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"We will be able to lend more money
to more people for a lower interest rate."

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